Diploma in Agribusiness


This course is designed to give a learner a foundation knowledge of business, operation and management practices in Agribusiness and entrepreneurship.The course is developed  and designed to equip the learner with basic knowledge and skills which are geared towards transformation of rural communities.

The course is backed by real practice experiences in the field for community services, learning and understanding of sustainable development goals.

Think Like This ?...

  1. Ever thought of agribusiness as an enterprise and its attributes?
  2. Ever thought of agribusiness as a decision, motivation and a risk factor entrepreneurship?
  3. Benefits of farming as a business using descriptive approach backed by successful strategies and real case studies in rural communities in Kenya?
  4. Agribusiness in line with Kenya vision 2030?
  5. Agribusiness in line with United Nations sustainable development goals?

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  • Fundamentals of development.
  • Introduction to Management and Agribusiness.
  • Business Mathematics.
  • Principles of Animal Production.
  • Principles of Crop Production.
  • English/Communication skills.
  • Principles of Microeconomics.
  • Principles of Agricultural Marketing
  • Farming as a business.
  • Rural and microfinance.
  • Introduction to Food Industry.
  • Agribusiness Management plans& strategies.
  • Introductory Statistics.
  • Small and medium enterprises.
  • Crops and Livestock Production Economics.
  • Data Processing and Analysis.
  • Agribusiness Marketing Strategies & plans.
  • Environmental Pollution and Control.
  • Horticultural Production and Marketing.
  • Crops & Livestock Marketing Operations.
  • Agribusiness Field Project oral presentation & written report.



Mkulima young small scale farming.

Large scale farming