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School of Business and Management.

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Head, School of business and management.

Edwin Sitienei

The school of business and management is an industry driven school with vast experienced faculty staffs aimed at enhancing creativity among students. The school is committed towards the vision of the university to be of great value to the society through imparting 21st-century skills and knowledge to the students.

We value our students at all stages in their learning process. Our students feel a sense of community and connectedness with experience both in academics and life skills, which prepares them for their future professions. Apart from mentoring them, we create a platform of interaction with the industry players through internships, career talks, educational trips, and conferences.

The school has a reputable relationship with both the community and the industry. Our commitment towards improving the standards of our university is unquestionable; we believe in continuous innovation and research as an integral component to our growth in the education sector.

Why choose

Pioneer International University School of Business?


We embrace, value, and encourage students’ development and career goals through training and nurturing programs.


We are the most innovative and research-driven Business school of all times.


We are one of the fastest growing schools of business


We offer competitive curriculum-based programmes.


We engage our students in conferences, competition challenges and industrial visits.

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